We are a husband and wife team offering independent inspections located in Central GA but travel anywhere. However to minimal travel, we are part of several nationwide networks and may be able to find an inspector in your area. We represent most products throughout the state of Georgia.

Carol and Jim have over 25 years experience in this industry as specifiers, working for retailers, owning their own store, manufacturer's reps, and installer. And, of course we are consumers of flooring products! We love evaluating and adding to our home new and unique products. Very few people can bring this type of experience to the table. We have sat on all sides of the table.

Warranty work is often not followed up on because they feel "manufacturer's don't pay". I can tell you first hand - they do. But there are mistakes often made that sabatage that claim. Take advantage of a N/C phone consultation. In a few minutes we can tell you if you have a basis for a claim to be evaluated.

An independent inspector is just that-- independent and unbiased. Our report may refute or affirm the original claim. We promise our report will be factual, include digital photographs and cite industry standards. We promise that no one but the commissioning party will be given the report, and we will not discuss results with anyone. But we cannot guarantee that we will find in your favor. Take advantage of the N/C phone consultation!

Contact Details

  City Warner Robins, GA
  Zip Code 31088
  Address 411 Hedlund Dr
  Phone Number (720) 732-2587