Our experienced craftsmen are skilled and will ensure the proper quality controls... Company fleet for efficient delivery of materials to your site - Either locally or throughout the country. Based in Evergreen, Colorado, the centre of the Rocky Mountains, Ward Hardwood Flooring is locally owned and has over twenty years of knowledge in the hardwood flooring business.

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  City Evergreen, CO
  Zip Code 80439
  Address 30746 Bryant Driv # 316
  Phone Number (303) 674-6966

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We are a small, detail-oriented company who believes in providing a high quality finished product. Our employees are talented, motivated and highly experienced. We do all of our installing, sanding and finishing "in-house" to maintain a high degree of craftsmanship. While custom flooring is where we excel, we bring our same high quality attitude to even the smallest of projects. Ward Hardwood Flooring has specialized in Rustic, Reclaimed and Wide Plank flooring for over 30 years. We are able to keep a close watch on all aspects of your flooring project from the milling of your material through the installation, sanding and finishing.

While utilitarian in nature, custom stairs create artistically functional home centerpieces. Whether it's the sweeping lines of a spiral staircase or the contemporary geometry of an open staircase, custom railings and treads move form before function to add beauty to any home. We offer a variety of different styles and designs to add beauty to your home including a full line of custom wooden treads, risers, nosing, base boards and other stair parts. Please refer to diagrams below for stair part descriptions.

All wood flooring should be properly acclimated. Wood flooring is a dynamic material which will change in dimension as a result of changes in humidity in the surrounding environment. Improper acclimation can result in more than normal seasonal shrinking of individual boards. There can be some confusion about what proper acclimation is. The length of time the flooring needs to acclimate can vary depending on your local climate. Always follow NWFA guidelines and standards for acclimating your wood flooring material prior to installation.

With prefinished flooring, you'll have the ability to move furniture on and use your new floor right away without the additional work of sanding and finishing a floor in place. However there is a trade-off, a Pre Finished material means you'll have less control over the final look and feel of your floor. With a site finish you're able to control everything from the color and texture to the finish used on your floors.

Most of our Reclaimed and Rustic Planking is finished on the job site. Typically these floors are lightly abraded and then finish is applied to preserve the natural character of these floors. Reclaimed and Rustic Flooring typically get a minimal amount of filling to preserve the natural character of these floors, but additional filling is available upon request. Ward Hardwood Flooring can provide custom Hand-Scraping to any of our flooring products. While there are many prefinished choices for hand-scraped hardwood flooring, none match the authentic beauty of our custom hand-scraped flooring.

As a leading name in hardwood flooring, Ward Hardwood Flooring has been the pre-eminent symbol of quality and prestige for over thirty years. Ward Hardwood offers a vast selection of custom reclaimed and wide plank hardwood floors, timbers, staircases and custom built-ins to enhance the beauty and ambiance of your home. We offer exciting designs, incomparable workmanship, and excellent customer service. Ward is a family owned company that's large enough to take over the largest and most complex projects and at the same time, boutique enough to take personal care of each client's needs.