Family owned & operated since 1967, Savino Brothers Hardwood Flooring Contractors has gained a reputation of impeccable integrity and superior craftsmanship. We now provide floor refinishing without dust and toxic fumes. Our advanced finishing system, Bona Dust Containment System, provides the most convenient, cleanest, and safest finishing process available, while delivering long-lasting beauty and durability for your hardwood floors.

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  City Ardsley, NY
  Zip Code 10502
  Address 633 Saw Ml Rvr Road
  Phone Number (914) 693-0360

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Here at Savino Brothers Hardwood Flooring Contractors we have been installing and refinishing hardwood floors in Westchester county for over 30 years. We have earned a reputation of impeccable integrity and superior craftsmanship. Waterbase urethanes are fast drying, and non toxic, which provides a cleaner and faster way to refinishing you hardwood floors and get your house back in order with a minimally amount of disruption.

Savino Brothers Hardwood Flooring Contractors, Inc. is family owned and operated. We have been in business for over 30 years and prior to that, we worked with our father in our teen years. He taught us our craft, and instilled in us a sense of taking pride in our work, and the old adage to treat the customer the way you would like to be treated. Savino Brothers quality, value, and performance give fresh and creative ideas to assist in decorating one of the most valuable investments in your home - your hardwood floors.

Hardwood floors need proper maintenance to preserve their beauty. Savino Brothers offers a complete system of floor care products specifically designed for easy cleaning of hardwood floors. Whether it is a sports arena that endures lots of wear, a retail outlet that requires regular cleaning, or a unique hardwood floor in your home, Savino Brothers makes everyday floor care easy, effective, and always safe. Unlike all purpose cleaners and oil soaps, it quickly cleans tough stains and spills, all without dulling your beautiful finish or leaving any residue.

How much will it cost? What do you charge per sq. Unfortunately, there is no straight answer. Each job differs from one another, and many factors come into play. Some companies give a low ball square footage price, then charge you with additional fees for closets, saddles/thresholds, etc. Some schedule the work and don't show up, drag a project out for weeks or perhaps use day laborers. In the end an inexpensive price may wind up costing your more money & time lost if the job has to be done over again.