Here's what several of our clients have to say about PortStone. Remember those people up in Ohio who had their floor delivered last August. Well, work and ill family really put us off schedule, but today the floor is officially finished. As you can tell from the attached pictures, the furniture hasn't even been put back in the rooms. It's been in the garage for a few weeks.

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PORTSTONE Thin Brick panels are fast and easy to install and can be used for brick floors, porches, patios, swimmingpool decks, walls, even brick ceilings! These lightweight thin brick panels are made up of multiple polymer modified concrete bricks interconnected by woven fiberglass mesh and laid out in predetermined patterns. Because the pattern is already established for you, even complex brick patterns such as herringbone, circles, and even logos are laid in a small fraction of the time and cost that would be required with regular brick pavers or cut stone.

Thought you might like to see how my Portstone installation went. I get rave reviews on the flooring from friends and pass out your website information to who ever asks. My contractor is amazed how good it turned out. The floor has been spectacular and held up wonderfully. We get so many compliments on it from everyone. We renovate homes in our spare time and have just purchased our next historic reno project in our hometown of Redlands, California. We are hoping to do this same flooring in our latest kitchen renovation because it was such a huge success.

Brick floors have a timeless sense of beauty, charm and character all their own. They have a warm, inviting appeal that you don't get with ceramic tile or carpet. But installing brick floors is often a time consuming, messy and expensive process. However, with PortStone Thin Brick, you can have all the beauty of brick flooring without the expense and hassle of regular brick pavers. And, PortStone is much more than just another pretty brick floor. PortStone represents the first major improvement to come along in many years in the way brick pavers and cultured stone flooring are installed.

PortStone Thin Brick was used here to create a "brick" cooking center. A wooden frame was built first, then it was covered with exterior grade plywood and a cement backerboard and PortStone was installed over that. PortStone weighs only about 3 pounds per square foot, so this wooden deck easily supports the weight. This would be impractical, if not impossible with regular bricks. This photo shows the deep texture of our Rose Hill blend very well. All PortStone's thin brick products are only about 1/4 thick, but as you can see here, they have the look and feel of thick, full sized bricks.

The photos below are taken from pieces of the actual lot that is being sold and are the closest possible representation of the material you will be getting. The text box beside each photo shows the color and pattern of that particular lot, along with the quantity stated in square feet and the price per square foot for that lot. It also states how much thin-set mortar, grout, sealer and floor finish you will need to complete the installation of that lot numbered floor. You don't have to use our thinset and grout, but you will find that ours is very competitively priced.

From here you can access more photographs of various PortStone Thin Brick colors and patterns and short installation videos. These pages are mostly arranged by color, however, some pages such as the Flagstone page contain pictures of PortStone Thin Brick and Stone Flooring in those patterns but in various colors. We have tried to include at least one photo of each color or pattern.

PortStone Thin Brick for walls is very well suited for commercial and institutional use as well as residential use, especially when used for interior or covered wall applications. Weighing only about 3 pounds per square foot, PortStone's lighweight thin brick panels make it ideal for situations where added weight or depth is a concern. It can be installed over drywall, cement backerboard, or over brick, concrete, or CMU using thin-set mortar or ceramic tile mastic adhesive. The panels are then grouted-in with sanded grout or brick mortar of your choice.

PortStone Thin Brick comes in 10 different patterns plus 4 border patterns. Most PortStone colors can be made in most PortStone patterns. This gives more than 100 possible color/pattern combinations to choose from. You choose your pattern, you choose your color and we make your PortStone order especially for you. Available in 2 sizes - Large Runningbond Brick measures approx. 4 " X 9" Standard Runningbond measures approx 3 " X 7 1/2"PortStone Runningbond panels contain 8 bricks each.