Pittsburgh Flooring Company is a home improvement company that specializes in helping the citizens of Pennsylvania's second largest city have a better way of life through making their residences places of pride and comfort. We have been in operating for the past 30 years and plan on being in operation for many more years to come. We pride ourselves on the fact that when you call us, there is no job too big or small for us. We take care of everyone, from residential to commercial to businesses looking for the best rates that have NOT been beat in all of Pittsburgh. Indeed, We have a great reputation that hinges on two facts: respect for each and everyone of our customers and having the lowest rates around. We specialize in all of the following areas of home improvement:

Flooring Installation and Refinishing
Carpet Installation
Decks and Patios
Kitchen Remodeling
Bathroom remodeling
Basement Refinishing

If you have a need in any of these areas and live in the Pittsburgh area, please don't hesitate to contact us! Just give us a call and we'll be happy to help you out!

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  • Pittsburgh, PA

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  Person Eli Ashur
  City Pittsburgh, PA
  Zip Code 15217
  Address 5542 Pocusset St.
  Phone Number (412) 277-8204

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Eli Ashur


Products & Services

Flooring Installation and Refinishing

This is what got us in the home improvement business in the first place! Whether you need your existing flooring demolished and replaced and or proper, professional refinishing of your existing hardwood flooring, we can offer a wide selection of wood species, stains and textures to choose from as well as our repair and refinishing services. Our flooring products also include laminate, vinyl, tile and specialty flooring such as bamboo and cork. Just ask us about our many flooring options!

From Our Website

Pittsburgh Flooring Company are home improvement professionals that specialize in helping residents of Pennsylvania's second largest city have a stylish and comfortable home life through making residences places of pride and confidence. We've been in business for the past 30 years and our goal is to continue to provide residents of Pittsburgh with honest, quality craftsmanship for more years to come. We pride ourselves on the fact that when you call us, there is no job too big or small. We take care of everyone-from both residential and commercial clients-looking for the best, unbeatable rates in Pittsburgh and a dedication to the highest quality of work.

Installing decks and patios can be a stressful endeavor. There's a lot of planning, both pre-planning and post-planning, that needs to be involved. At times this can seem like a huge chore, especially when it comes to taking your property into consideration when planning the designs for your new deck or patio. Pittsburgh Flooring Company has professionals with the expertise to make your deck or patio perfect, and we're proven to make it painless and efficient. We have been in the business for over 30 years, and with the ever-changing weather that Pittsburgh is notorious for, having a professional handle your deck or patio installation is important for making it last though harsh winters and hot summers.

Maybe you just bought your new house. Everything is perfect and exactly what you were dreaming of when you thought about future family dinners, summer nights on the porch watching the kids play in the yard or romantic nights lounging on the couch with our spouse. The windows are big, the rooms are spacious, and it feels like home; except for one thing-the dirty, outdated, wall-to-wall carpeting that looks like it hasn't seen a vacuum since they were first invented; or maybe you have lived in your house for years and you can't think of living anywhere else.

Are you struggling to find reliable company that can provide the services and products for your kitchen remodel? Not only does Pittsburgh Flooring Company provide flooring products for your kitchen-from tile, hardwood, laminate, vinyl, bamboo, cork and carpet-but we offer remodeling services that will help you tackle a difficult kitchen remodel. We're here to make the process for you efficient while maintaining an informative professional relationship. Pittsburgh Flooring Company has qualified professionals at the ready to ensure that you get your dream kitchen at a price you love and at a standard that is unmatched.

Remodeling any room in your home is a big step that takes a lot of work and research. When it comes to bathroom remodeling, it's best to research a professional company that can aid you in choosing products, setting a schedule, and completing the job on the agreed set deadline. This is where Pittsburgh Flooring Company can be your first choice when remodeling your bathroom. From all of the different components that are involved in remodeling your bathroom, choosing your flooring is just the beginning.

At Pittsburgh Flooring Company we strive to provide the best products and services for our customers, and our hardwood flooring installation services and products matched with our knowledge and level of professionalism make us the best Pittsburgh has to offer. Locally owned and operated for 30 years, our expertise when it comes to different species, stains and textures of hardwood flooring, along with competitive pricing, enable us to be a leading flooring installation company. We do everything and anything when it comes to hardwood flooring; whether it's refinishing or installing new flooring, we're dead set on providing products from industry-leading manufacturers such as Shaw Floors, Armstrong and Mohawk.

Carpeting is a classic flooring installation choice, but with all of the different products out on the market it's easy to get overwhelmed, and even confused. At Pittsburgh Flooring Company we're here for you when it comes to picking out the carpet you love and installing it efficiently and with the utmost quality. We carry industry-leading products from manufacturers you love, and we're dedicated to providing the best, knowledgeable service for flooring installation in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh Flooring Company has been operating in Pittsburgh and the greater area for over 30 years, and our expertise regarding the best carpeting products and services has developed throughout tight ties with our community.