We currently have the best floors to complement your original style and unique taste. Whether you're looking for something in particular or waiting to be stunned by our one-of-a-kind designs, there's no need to look any further. If you are considering a purchase of Anderson Flooring online please read Anderson's policy regarding the purchase of our flooring on the internet.

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  City Milwaukee, WI
  Zip Code 53214
  Address 513 South 94th St
  Phone Number (414) 604-1977

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The best things in life are built to last. They're the things that, upon first glance, you know were lovingly touched by working hands. They were given life to meet a real need and designed with thought and intention, and even when they're new, there's something about them that brings ideas of heritage, legacy and story to mind. Yes, we sell beautiful flooring, but we don't find that very interesting. We much prefer to craft products designed with the ideals of our customers in mind and then match them to their perfect home.