Hardwood flooring in Austin Texas is easy. We help people with any residential or commercial flooring project. We carry a wide assortment of hand scraped, reclaimed, rustic wood floors, long leaf reclaimed pine and Texas Mesquite. Texas mesquite wood has been rated the hardest domestic hardwood floor. We also do sanding and re-finishing with unfinished wood floors. We offer local services like hardwood flooring installation, repairs, and wood floor plank re-finishing.

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Products & Services

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Flooring

Engineered Wood Flooring.
Engineered flooring is Engineered wood where only the first layer is solid wood and the rest is a criss cross plywood. It is used for all grades above and below, concrete slab or ply-wood. Austin Hardwood Flooring Store carries the widest selection of this type of wooden flooring.

Solid Wood Floors.
A solid wood pre-finished or un-finished when a piece of wood is solid from top to bottom. This plank gets nailed down on a wooden sub-floor. It can't be used below grade of directly on concrete surface. An expansion gap is important because solid wood expands and contracts easily.

Longstrip (pre-finished) glue down, staple, nail-down, or float.
The longstrip plank is similar to engineered but consists of 3 rows or strips glued together in the top. Generaly the top layer is made of 16 to 18 pieces per row. Giving the effect of installing a wide board that is actually made up of 3 rows of shorter wood pieces. Each longstrip plank looks like an entire section that has already been pre-assembled for you. Longstrip planks are generally 78" to 86" in length and 7 1/4" to 7 1/2" in width.

Laminate Floors

Laminate Floors

With discount brands like Armstrong, Pergo, Shaw and more. When you are worried about the possibilities of your floors being scratched by your pet dog or cat, we have the floors for you. Not all laminate flooring are made the same. Austin Flooring Store can help you choose the right floor for you.

Laminate flooring in Austin Tx is probably the way to go. When you have pet dog or cat, laminate flooring is the choice to make most of the time. Cats pee and so do dogs, accidents do happen. Urine odor from a loved pet can be a real problem. Especially when you cannot seem to rid of the problem. First of all hardwood flooring and carpet is good, but not for dogs and cats. Pet urine can cause a serious issue if the tack strip that runs along your baseboard is soaked with it.

This piece of wood that is directly underneath your carpet along the edge is made of a pine or oak. Once it is soaked with the waste material substance, it may not ever go away. The urine will soak to the bottom of the strip, trapping it there. Over time your concrete floors of sub floors absorb this and it lingers on thru out the house. Even if you are use to it, your guests are probably not. There are systems to properly rid of old flooring, and install a new one. Depending on the problem, laminate floors may not be the answer.



We are a saltillo tile dealer in Central Texas. Saltillo Tile is one of the two most famous products of the Mexican city of Saltillo, Coahuila. Here it is processed and then we get it shipped to San Antonio or Austin Texas. Saltillo tiles vary in color and shape, the majority range from in varying hues of reds, oranges and yellows.

Mexican tiles are shaped either carving out the shape, or by pressing quarried clay with a wooden frame. The color ranges from yellow to a rich orange. That all depends on the raw tile's placement among other tiles when it is firing. Saltillo tile soaks in liquid easily and it is highly porous. So it is that it absorbs thin set, grout wax pencils so it is difficult to install. If saltillo tile is not properly sealed and maintained with a quality sealer, it may scuff easily. During installation the mexican tiles should be handled carefully to avoid stains that can even occur from body oils on the installer's hands. Here at Austin Flooring Store we have a few preferred methods for installation of saltillo tile.